I’ve really been bad about keeping up with posting here. I spend more time now on my “artfully” blog!!

This blog was my first- started to keep a running commentary on life in the country.

Now that we have lived here 3 years, every day life here seems less exciting to tell stories about. Or, maybe I am just lazier about trying to keep up with two blogs!!!

I didn’t want to have the art mixed with the country living, but the lines seem blurrier lately!!!

This brief little post is definitely more country than art – so here goes!!!

Summer is here, almost 90 degrees on the last day of this Memorial Day weekend. What better thing to plant in such heat, than a cactus!!!

I have been admiring these prickly pear cacti that grow wild along the side of the road. Not something I expected to see at the foot of the mountains, here in rural Virginia! I’ve had these in previous gardens, but planted them there purposely.

Finally, today, on his way home, Mr. Green Jeans pulled over on the side of the road, and dug up 3 flowering cacti to transplant at home.  I’m guessing that’s how these plants found their way to this stretch of roadside, by someone planting one, and they’ve spread quite a distance. They will be right at home, in this section of my garden with the hen and chicks, and other succulents that will fill up this end of the rock garden.

After placing the cacti in their new home, the daughter decided to test ride her new mountain bike. As she zoomed down the driveway and cut across the lawn to the garage, she ran over a black snake!! Neither of us noticed him, sunning in the grass- well, she DID notice him – as she was right on top of him with no time to stop!!!

She was fine – and the snake was fine- of course, I worried about the snake!!!! The tire caught him on the tail end (literally) and he was in kind of a dip in the dirt, so he didn’t get squashed!

I ran in to get the camera, while the daughter kept an eye on him. Mr. Green Jeans came out with his big stick, to remove the the 5 ft snake to safer ground!! Now, he’s out in the tall grass, where I can worry that the horses might step on him as I ride over there!!LOL This guy is about the size of the one stretched out across the old road the other day, when the daughter went riding by on her horse. Fortunately, “the old man” didn’t notice the snake, and she was able to sidestep away from it! That one got away, before I could get a picture.

Click on the pix for a closer look- if you dare!!!

Being dispatched to the safety of the tall grass

All is well, hot and humid, at Mountain Meadows tonite…………..