Death is a part of life. Life inevitably ends up at death’s doorstep. There is nothing you can do about it.

I, for one, try not to dwell on it! I am still of the mind that it will NEVER happen to me!! But, if I think too long, I start to worry about it!!

Living on the farm, death is apparent more often than one would like! I don’t mean this to be a morbid post, but just mulling about life as it happens!

Death might be as random as a robin not getting enough lift during take off and colliding with the hood of the car. That happened one morning this spring, and really upset me, because the robin had a mouthful of worms- so we knew he or she was heading back to the nest.

Another time, despite my best efforts to avoid it, I ran over a rabbit in the road. My daughter tried to console me-” it’s the circle of life, mom”. Maybe so, but I did not want the part as the Grim Reaper in this circle!!!

In my vegetable garden, a wren  fell into a plastic bin of rainwater, and unable to get out for whatever reason, drowned.

In another wren incident, 2 wren fledglings, were taking their first leaps of freedom from the nest in the eaves of the barn. In direct line of their flight that day, was the horses’ water bucket. Both babies made a splash landing, what are the odds? I have since removed that water bucket!

We have resident bunnies, with babies that  entertain us every evening with their cavorting and antics. Mr Green Jeans was forbidden to mow, until the babies were out of the nests. Last year, we had a ghastly accident, with the mower running over a well hidden nest-there was only one survivor. I like to think that he (or she) is one of those bunny mamas (or daddies)leaping and tumbling  in our meadow!!

The husband did find one of the baby bunnies, looking for all the world like he was sound asleep, and he was, VERY asleep. The husband was sure he did not run him over, and he’s probably right, the bunny was in an area that was not too easy for the mower to get to.  It is survival of the fittest in nature, and obviously, this little guy did not meet nature’s  qualifications, for whatever reason.

Something possessed me, and I bought two fantail goldfish last year! I did NOT need goldfish, but……. One started having issues within 24 hours, and died overnight. I REALLY do not need to be worrying about a fish dying, but I did!! While back in the store for something else the next morning, the clerk INSISTED that she give me a replacement. So, I worried about these two fish, spent too much money filtering and aerating their water. They have since passed. No more fish!!!

I lost my precious Miss Lilly several months ago from cancer. When I walk past her little halter and fly mask hanging on the barn wall, I can still see her face pushing thru the gate for treats.

Life is very apparent in the blossoming flowers, the greening trees, and the seedlings pushing thru the rock hard soil. For some of them, their lifespan is but a single season, for others life spans a generation.

Life, and how long you get, is different for each individual. You have to make the most of what you are given. Living out here has made me more aware of that, and not just my own mortality. But, believe me, I still worry about that from time to time!! LOL


All is well, thoughtful and peaceful, at Mountain Meadows tonite…………