……well, not really!!!! I’m starting this Sunday, as every other day – on the computer!!! Then, to the basement to plant seeds, and  start purging for the yard sale in 2 weeks!

As soon as it gets light, I have to run outside and check to see what the thump in the middle of the night was! It sounded like a large bird hit the side of the house or a window. But, maybe I was dreaming! I am not brave enough to go outside alone, in the dark,  to investigate the things that go bump in the night!!!

It is another dreary, misty day out. I won’t complain tho – we need rain, however minimal the amounts!!! Little sprigs of green grass are starting to emerge- haying season is supposedly 6-8 weeks away. My bulbs in the garden are starting to peek out. The horses are starting to shed.

Our resident wild birds are ravenous and early at the feeders.  In another couple of weeks, the hummingbird feeder will have to be dusted off and set outside. We had a new visitor to the feeding deck – a white breasted nuthatch! He and I came eye to eye, as I stepped outside to put down more seed. He looked right at me, and didn’t fly away. But then, discretion got the better part of his valor, and and he zoomed for the safety of the trees!! He has become a regular now- I guess the seeds are supplementing his regular diet for a while.

While at the local grocery the other day, I noticed alot of activity in the building behind. I was told they were hanging the hams. Turner Ham is well known in these parts and around the country. I had forgotten that this time of year is probably not a big favorite with pigs everywhere!  I think February is when the traditional  annual slaughter of the pigs takes place. I will have to dig out my book on local traditions and talk more about it at another time. But right now, the hams have been seasoned and bagged, and are hanging. They hang for about 2 months, until they lose 18-23 percent of their water weight. Then the inspector comes in, to officially declare them ready. Some people prefer their ham early and pinker, some prefer it aged more. I am not a big fan of  ham, altho I have been know to have a BLT on occasion.

I recently finished a great book – The Good, Good Pig- and try not to think about that book, when I taste the “B” in the BLT.  I’ve often thought I’d love to have a pig as a pet – highly intelligent, but they are ravenous, and rooters- and would frighten my horses out of their wits!!!

As usual, my brain has jumped from subject to subject, being of scattered mind! But it is now light outside, the fires need to be stoked, and I need to venture out and see if anything actually did hit the side of the house last night!!! I’ll keep you posted!!!


All is well, and rainy, on this Mountain Meadows Sunday morning…….