I have a long list of to-do’s today!!! But, a quick visit to my blogs is always a must before the actual day starts!!!

Yesterday was a peaceful, warm Sunday. We started the day by rescuing a starling who somehow got into the basement woodstove. The workmen swore to me, when the house was being built 2 years ago, that the chimney was securely capped to prevent this from happening!

The bird might have been in there for 2 days – or found a way to come and go. The husband just had wrist surgery, so he couldn’t climb on the roof to check out the chimney (and heights are not my thing – so you KNOW I’m not going up there!) He set up a safe trap against the stove door, and went outside to try and figure out if the bird might have gotten in another way. While all this was going on outside, the bird flew into the cage inside!!!

I took the starling out the back door and set him free – he was apparently none the worse for wear and he soared across the field to the safety of the trees! Good thing we had not lit the woodstove again!!!

Yesterday’s warm weather drew everyone to outside activites!

I planted my pansies in vintage pails, and some rosemary in the garden, while the husband painted some kind of salve on his flowering pear saplings. Over the winter, the deer had rubbed about half of his 36 trees – and  he was hoping that having wired them earlier and now applying this ‘paint’ would save the trees.

I took the horses out for their first greens of the season. Their paddock is always the last to grow, while the fields all around them turn a rich green – tempting and teasing them from over the fence! The grass is always greener, you know…………..!

I brushed the horses while they were grazing – still lots of winter coat to shed! The “old man” has 4 inch feathers on his legs in the winter! Note to self: don’t wear black while brushing horses – no matter how you try to position yourself in the breeze, the hair will ALWAYS find a way to adhere to your clothes!!!

Next on the list was mixing the horse feed. I am weaning the horses off the commercial food and making a blend of  a locally purchased and healthier feed with the commercial. So, dolly in hand – I dragged the 100 lb bag of the good stuff and the 50 lb bag of the old stuff and mixed them in a covered bin in the garage. That now sits next to the bin of feral cat food, which sits next to the cracked corn for the deer, and the wild bird seed!!! And let’s not forget the plastic tubs of plants waiting for warmer weather so they can be planted outside. No cars in MY garage as you can tell!!!

On yesterday’s list was – construct jumps and trotting poles for the daughter. That has been moved to today’s list – along with hanging the bird houses! Those are the fun things – the other things on the list run the gamut from go to the dump (ugh!) to go to the bank to dropping off resumes. Go, go, go, go, go……!!!!!

I guess that’s what I better do – or nothing will get done, done, done, done, done….!!!!!

All is well and busy, busy, busy, at Mountain Meadows this morning………