A big orange and some fresh pine boughs and ‘Silent Night‘ are all I need, and cookies, of course. They are the strings that when I pull on them I pull up the complete glittering storybook Christmases of my childhood.

Garrison Keillor

We are having another GIVEAWAY!!! There’s no better time for a giveaway than around the holidays! Details below!!! You have 7 more days to comment with your holiday memory and be entered in the random drawing!!

We all have our storybook memories of our childhood Christmases. Closing my eyes, and breathing in the aroma of pine, can bring back a multitude of memories. One of our holiday traditions is to rotate a faux tree with live one each year, every year a different theme. But, Christmas is not Christmas without pine scent wafting thru the house! So, if it is the year for the faux tree, we have live pine bough decorations throughout the house- just for that total Christmas atmosphere!

Christmas 2008  is the year for a live tree, whose theme is yet to be determined! Most likely, it will be a rootball tree, so it can be planted here, for a new holiday tradition at our new home in the country!

One of my sweet childhood memories was going to the home of my Great-Aunt Lois and Uncle Paul, and their 3 daughters. We did not go often, but it was always a wonderful time. I don’t remember the presents, altho I am sure there must have been some. What I remember is that we would all gather around the piano and sing Christmas carols. Aunt Lois would play, and Uncle Paul’s booming voice would be heard over everyone. It was the ideal Christmas picture, and a glimpse into the lives of relatives we did not see very often………………..

More recent Christmas memories, and the top one on my list, was the birth of my son – on Christmas morning, 25 years ago this year! You don’t realize, when you are young, how time flies! That day is ingrained in my memory like it was yesterday!

The doctors were sure he would be born in January, but I just knew, in my heart, that he was supposed to be born on Christmas. To the surprise of all the doctors, particularly mine, (who was home, and was none too happy to be called in to the hospital very early on Christmas morning) – the son was born, just as I predicted, bright and early on Christmas Day. He was, and is, the best gift I have ever received on Christmas! True gifts of the heart have no price tag………….


I would love to hear some of your favorite Christmas memories. Leave me a comment, tell us your favorite memory. On December 1st, I will have a RANDOM drawing for a holiday ‘goodie’ box- so put your thinking caps on and reminisce with us !!!

All is well, at Mountain Meadows this morning…………………………………..


“Over the river and thru the woods, to grandmother’s house we go.

The horse knows the way, to carry the sleigh, in the white and drifting snow…………”